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Very Calming

I was recently treated in the Emergency at Resolute Hospital in New Braunfels and Dr. Adamson was the attending physician. He asked me questions and listened to my responses. He was not in a hurry and was very calming as I was most anxious. It was a comforting experience despite the circumstances.

I highly recommend him

I was blessed to be treated by Dr. Van Adamson. There was so much attention to detail in my history. He took more time to get to know me as a person, than most physicians I’ve ever met. He looked for all the nuances of my medical concerns to shed light on my situational concerns. I’m so thankful I found this cardiologist. Dr. Adamson is Board certified, an American patriot, who served our military. I highly recommend him.

Very Professional

When I was referred to Dr. Adamson, I did the usual checking of reviews and thought I would give his a chance. I am so glad I did. I found Dr. Adamson to be very professional, confident, and knowledgeable, but what I found the most impressive was his patience and willingness to thoroughly check out any concerns I had. He did not rush through the appointment and gave me a sense of satisfaction and confidence in his course of treatment.